Why Choose Lorena?

    Quality and Fashion are Our Passion

Each piece of Lorena® flatware is finely crafted from high quality stainless steel with a focus on functionality, everyday elegance and artistic style and details.

You’ll find Lorena® flatware perfect for any dining occasion.

Lorena® products are designed to provide years of enjoyment for your family and friends. Choose a colorful and distinct design that complements your personality, lifestyle and home décor.

Affordably priced, all of Lorena’s fun flatware ensures that every household has outstanding flatware on their dinner table for years to come.

Lorena® Flatware

  • Long and useful life
  • Available in a variety of distinctive designs
  • Manufactured of high-quality stainless steel
  • Designed for comfort and enjoyment
  • Amazing value – great quality at a great price
  • Backed by years of experience in quality craftsmanship

Lorena® Flatware – Perfect for Everyone

Your First Home

Lorena® flatware sets offer fun and exciting dining solutions for young couples just starting out. You’ll always remember the meals enjoyed in your new home. Lorena® flatware fills those memories with stylish flatware that accents your mood and décor. Lorena® is the smart and affordable silverware set for your new journey.


Moving into a dorm or campus apartment? Then don’t forget your Lorena® flatware. Choose from a variety of unique patterns that match your personality and new living space. Stand out from the college crowd with a utensils that add style to every meal. Have fun … choose Lorena®.

Professionals on the Move

Your fast paced life may make dining more of a chore less of an experience to savor. But thanks to Lorena®, there are many great stainless-steel flatware solutions to make every meal memorable. Lorena® flatware offers elegantly affordable silverware that’s made for your busy lifestyle. Take a second to add some stylish and fun forks and spoons to your meals and you’ll enjoy them for years.

Empty Nesters

Looking for a condo, smaller home or something different? Make mealtime more memorable in your new digs with Lorena®. Each set is designed to liven up any kitchen. Choose a fashionable sets of silverware that matches your new lifestyle. We make it easy to make meal time the best time of day.

Young Families

Lorena® has been a mainstay of growing families for more than a quarter of a century. Lorena’s durable stainless-steel sets hold up to the repeated a family puts our silverware through. Add a wonderful and affordable flatware set to your family’s table and you’ll be on the path to culinary enjoyment. And you’ll be teaching your children about value. So in years to come, you’re sure to find Lorena® on their table.


When on your own, you need a great set of stainless-steel silverware. It’s an essential building block when stocking a kitchen for the first time. Lorena® utensils are designed to last, so you’ll enjoy it for years to come. Whether you want to spice up your meals or seek a sustainable alternative to single-use utensils, Lorena® flatware offers a variety of exciting styles that provide exactly what you need.

Choose Lorena® to be a part of your dining experience.